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Catch up on our latest announcements and read articles by 19 greek street on topics such as how we can all live a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle.
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A carefully curated collection of sustainable and ethically produced products, from furniture to fashion and electronics. 
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Our boldest interior design decisions include decorating a £5m loft with chairs made by ex-convicts, and reusing discarded glass bottles to build the bar of a London private members' club. 
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"As far as business concepts go, 19 greek street is difficult to classify"  the Financial Times wrote.

Clearly they were paying attention.

Since 2012, 19 greek street has been a gallery, an interior design studio, a boutique and an events space. It has temporarily hosted a materials library, a designer’s workshop, a design café, a private members’ club, meditation studio, lecture room and even a brownie bar.

Today, the townhouse’s resistance to conform to one identity is part of its allure.

19 greek street is a gallery dedicated to innovation and experimentation.

Bound by the mantra "I will not leave my country smaller when I die, but greater and better", 19 greek street curates exhibitions and hosts events with a common goal: to enable the sustainable advancement of society and the environment. 

Many of our ethical lifestyle ideas are featured on our website, along with our events programme and news. We want to respond to some of the world's most pressing questions with stylish solutions and invite all those who share this desire to join us.